Macaron Update: Now w/ Gel Coloring

— same recipe as below but here’s the result with gel food coloring (which is supposed to retain the color better than liquid food coloring). As you will see, I switched piping methods between the pink and the purple batch from the turd-style to the hold-still-and-squeeze (doesn’t that sound gross).


Misc. Update: I broke my hand mixer a week and a half ago so I haven’t been able to play around with whipped egg white recipes. However, I’m inheriting a Kitchenaid stand mixer (serious upgrade) from Mike’s family this week so we’ll be back in egg business shortly. I’m also going to get the ice cream bowl attachment for the stand mixer so I’ll be able to make ice cream from scratch shortly too! Cooked a bit since my last post but ate out a lot more over the last week and a half (my friend Karensa from undergrad visited this weekend!). I will be getting back into the cooking groove as I’m taking four cooking classes this week. More updates to follow!


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