DIY Warm Fleece Dog Bed


Project Time: 20 minutes (w/ sewing machine)


  • 1 yard (36″) of 59″ wide fleece (I purchased in-store during 1/2 off fleece sale for $6.49/yd)
  • 1 pillow (I used 27 x 27” purchased in store w/ 50% off coupon for $17.49)
  • good fabric scissors
  • sewing machine/needle and thread


  1. Line up ends of fleece that the store did NOT cut and cut into two halves. You should have two rectangles that are 36″ x  29.5″.
  2. Line up the two fleece pieces with the right/good sides touching.
  3. Leaving a 6 inch allowance (starting after 6 inches in) from each end, sew together the two pieces of fleece along the long (36″) edges.
  4. Flip inside out so that the seams are on the inside and put the pillow in to measure how far you can cut strips into the fleece.
  5. Take pillow out and cup strips about 5 inches deep and 1 inch apart from each other
  6. Tie the strips (on opposite pieces of the fleece) together and then follow the same steps with the other side. When tying strips, make sure not to make the knots too tight or super close to the inner edges, or else you will get weird bunching at the base of the ties.
  7. Once remaining side’s strips have been cut, put pillow in and then tie those strips too.
  8. Bask in your pet’s love!❤️



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